Initially, the three people who launched this Survey project wished to maintain their flexibility and autonomy, and so we have avoided seeking institutional backing or funding. We have been confident that energy and time for the many and varied chores required to get the survey going are available among us and a couple of close associates, and out-of-pocket costs will be minimal. We have in hand small grants (matching funds) from anonymous sources to cover most initial costs of mailing and some secretarial work. In no circumstances will the project or its data become commercial products for anyone's profit.

As the project develops, we anticipate that, occasionally, individual critics may want to volunteer a financial token of support, although we have made clear that returning the questionnaire is a quite suffficient indication of approval.

We do believe, however, that small contributions from Rs.50 to 100 will strengthen the bonds that the Survey is attempting to encourage among Indian critics. Such financial endorsements are likely to promote individual commitment to the project's aims, wider distribution of information about the Survey, and thus the credibility as well as the effectiveness of the whole survey process.

We will continue this policy of maintaining autonomy and self-funding the project as long as possible, but when the survey data are gathered, sorted, edited and commented upon, we may very well need to seek some outside or institutional funding for purposes of book-publication, distribution, and possibly expanding the project.

The already existing registered charitable agency SAMVAD-India has agreed to serve as a channel for receiving tax-deductible (large or small) donations specifically designated for the Indian Critics Survey. Contributions to Indian Critics Survey and email or postal addresses of and information about Samvad-India can be arranged through its website at or by post to Indian Critics Survey, c/o Prof. Makarand Paranjape (, N-16/B, Saket, New Delhi -110017.