The Project

This is a self-funded, non-profit project, organized by an autonomous group of critics, to conduct a survey of all the practising Indian critics in English and the regional languages and to collect data on their current work, approaches and views on the state of criticism in India today. Questionnaires will be sent out to all the critics presently active or who have written at least one important work of criticism or several essays in the last ten years or so. The survey covers academic, non-academic and more general criticism having a bearing on the intellectual and cultural life of India as well as on advanced literary study.

The data collected from the critics will be classified and categorized and published in book form together with analytical and evaluative accounts. The result of the survey will provide specific information on the diversity and extent of the critical activity going on in India today, focus on the possible issues and problems in Indian criticism and make available whatever other information might help to increase interaction and communication among Indian critics. It is hoped that publishing such a survey of critical approaches, opinions and projects underway will help to build a stronger, more productive sense of community among critics within India, less dependence on foreign theories and foreign resources, and greater self-awareness, interchange and co-operation, empowering them as individual critics and as members of autonomous groups

An Advisory Panel has been formed including U. R. Ananthamurthy, Keki Daruwalla, G. N. Devy, Manju Jaidka, Jayanta Mahapatra and many others. (Please see ADVISORY PANEL for complete list to date.)

The initial work of preparing a roster of the Indian critics has been undertaken by Professor John Oliver Perry ( For more information on the project contact Professor Makarand Paranjape (, Professor of Engish, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi or Dr.S. Sreenivasan (, Editor, Journal of Literature & Aesthetics, Kollam, Kerala - 691 021.